The Canon EOS R6 Camera For Wildlife

July 09, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

There are so many reviews of cameras and lenses on youtube that it can get overwhelming at times which ones to believe or not. There is always a debate as to what is more important the camera or the lens.  Both are important. Being a canon guy I wanted to shed some light on the Canon R6 for wildlife photography. It is a mirrorless camera that is only 21 mega pixels which by todays standards that may seem small.

There are many cameras with more mega pixels.  In my mind I don't believe that makes them better cameras.  If you go back to the beginning of the digital era a "good" camera would have up  to 8 mega pixels and that was considered huge. Those 8 mega pixels served professional photographers quite well. With that in mind I try not to get to caught up in the mega pixel world of more  is better.

The Canon R6 is simply a great camera for wildlife photography. They eye lock is a great perk of the R6. When it locks on you will not miss a photo.  I use the Canon 5D Mark IV, considered to be one of Canon's finest cameras, and it can't compare with how fast the R6 locks onto a subject and holds it. The other nice feature is the frames per second.  You can shoot from 12 up to 20 frames per second. I generally shoot the 12 frames per second because I find I get plenty of great photos to choose from. At 20 frames you don't even realize how many photos you're taking and before you know it you have 100's of photos to go through. 

The R6 takes great photos! I have shot photos with 10,000 ISO and with a couple clicks in photoshop the grain is gone and the photos are perfectly useable to print in large sizes. I can never shoot 10,000 ISO with my Canon 5D mark IV and blow up the photos to a large  size. (The 5D IV is a 30 mega pixel camera)  It is a fun camera to shoot and its fun to see the results when you can see a birds eye closing  and opening in one burst of shots and they all look great.

I also use the R6 for portraits and sports as well. I shoot basketball games and again the speed  in which it locks on to the subject is incredible. You also have the eye catch for people so I can lock onto to a moving player and get great shots even if another player steps in front of him/her.


The bottom line is you cant go wrong with the Canon R6. You will like the results you get with the camera.


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